It’s here! Miss Gaga’s cover on the March issue of Vogue! I think she looks playful and eloquent. I am really loving the pink hair. I was watching season 4 of Skins and admiring a characters pink hair on the show. I think colored hair and wigs needs to be seen more often. The more unnatural, the more daring, right? So, I saw this magazine cover while acquiring some unhealthy party snacks such as Twizzlers and chocolate animal crackers at Wal-Mart. (Classy? You know it!) The man in front of me almost distracted me away from Lady Gaga’s alluring gaze because I couldn’t believe he bought every last bottle of tequila left in the whole market and had them stacked sky-scraper high in his buggy. Anyway…I wish I was invited to his party–put my snackage to shame!

I had a dream last night about Lady Gaga. I went to see her play live, and I won a prize from her. She offered me candy, and I told her I loved her. This is in fact my second dream I’ve had about Lady Gaga. My first dream about her included me breaking into her home and stealing a pair of shorts because I needed them? I think we all need a pair of Lady Gaga’s shorts. 😉

Okay now for…tips for imitating the Fall 2011 runway!!

Alberta Ferretti

The 1960’s called, they want their wardrobe back! Ferretti’s fall 2011 ready-to-wear collection was like going back in time. Thus, making his pieces an easily thriftable look. The color scheme is easy to find when digging through racks of clothes at your local vintage boutique and or thrift store. No on suspected the pant suit to come back, especially in garish pinks and oranges. I find his collection daring, yet, I’m now I’m simply being asked to go on a mission now to find a retro polyester pant suit blazer in the most putrid color possible.


I swear I wore a dress like this to my homecoming dance my sophomore year. I found it at Goodwill. The Mulberry ready-to-wear collection had the right mixture of modern and vintage inspirations. I noticed they really amped up the military-cargo chic look with a dash 1950’s prep school attire. You can find easily imitated military chic items at department stores, malls, and in my own closet. The retro look is something that is prolific in thrift stores, especially in those I’ve seen here about in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  If you want to find the worlds best collection of polyester and or rayon tops and dresses, come to Community Thrift. It smells like your grandmother attic. But it’s a delightful experience none the less!! You might actually find that Mulberry-esque dress you need for the right price.