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Good day world! These dreary Tulsa days really know how to work you into a fall fashion mood. Technically, I suppose we all should have been in a fall fashion mood in the Spring? New York was full of Spring fashion recently for fashion week!

Corduroys–can they be cute? Yes or no. The last pair I ever owned was when I dressed like it was Halloween everyday in high school. I had a royal purple pair. I might have only wore the bad boys once or twice, because they began feeling too heavy and soft and awkward (the pressing issue with corduroys) on my wee legs.  At work we got in a pair of retro brownish-yellow cords and I decided to make them look somewhat attractive. I was in the mood to dress mannequins with an edge for fall last night at work. I’ll share them with you! I was awfully proud of what I created–and yes, all the fashions are available at Maurice’s this season!!! On another note–I always believed JcPenny never ran out of corduroy pants. That is the one store I have ever seen the velvety soft pants in stock. I need to run over there this season to see if my hypothesis is true! Penny’s sells the most cords?!

Cords! I dressed this one with a cozy fall theme.

This is my favorite I dressed!! The fedora really completes the look. Too bad the mannequin is headless to get the full effect....

I was trying to go for a more urban look. I'm kinda crazy about bomber vests, but I feel like they make my body too bulky. My manni wears it well.

The new Mates of State album is sweetly awesome and fun and lighthearted and my good friend Baylea is coming to see them with me in November–I dedicate this post to my favorite boss in the whole wide world, Baylea Smith! (because she told me she missed my blog posts)

I love Tavi. Her blog is inspiring and everyone should check it out! I’d love to meet this talented girl someday. Or just be her best friend, whatever. TheStyleRookie Her lip synching is precious….but don’t get me started on my tirade on how I detest the blonde and fragile Taylor Swift.

I’d rather take Brody Dalle any day…god love that woman! mmm.





Hey! I’m back! And it’s been quite delayed. Seeing as how I missed out on talking about Fashion week which was only several weeks back?! I should’ve been in New York City basking in the decadence and the art of fashion but instead I’ve been battling the world’s worst sinus infection and studying the world’s most boring material for college. Parson’s, want to take me in and pay for my tuition?! I promise I’ll be famous! 🙂

Anyway, Kreayshawn is wrong. Basic bitches do not wear, Gucci, Louis, Fendi or Prada. Rich bitches do. I kinda want a Louis Vuitton bag? I haven’t decided yet. I’ve never been gung-ho about the “LV” on everything, but something about it has class.

Marc Jacobs spring-line is amazing by the way. Is there anything that man can’t do? I have a yearning desire to follow him around all day just to see how his mind works because his fashions are absolutely timeless–and that my friend is important to last in fashion!

Now, I have a confession. I spent $200 on Missoni for Target products. It sold out so fast, they had to start taking down the displays. It was a mad rush. I am thrilled that the line launch had such a massive success because it allows me to dream of the possible designers Target will team up with to make an affordable line for poor college students as myself! I’d die if Marc Jacobs did a line with Target! I can see his aesthetic really mixing well with the Target shopper demographic. Target needs to hire me as their creative fashion director. I’ll get stuff done. Pinky promise!!  I’d also like to see maybe Miu Miu for Target? Mulberry? Ana Sui?  Oh my lord or Alexander McQueen for Target?!?!? Bless his soul. He was a genius.

I was able to procure 3 Missoni tops, a pair of suede Missoni pumps, three pairs of Missoni socks and a comfy Missoni t-shirt style bra.

Missoni sweater!+Missoni Socks!+New suede booties!

So sometimes I feel like I should have been born a Germanotta. Lady GaGa’s sister, Natali was featured in the most recent issue of Teen Vogue magazine. They highlighted her unique skills in fashion as a design student at Parson’s NYC. It was a refreshing article–and believe it or not she has some conventional everyday taste in fashion that could be more marketable than her older sister’s more bizarre works of art she adorns herself with on stage. I am envious of this family’s talent.

Missoni pumps!

Despite being ill the past few weeks, I tried to create some cool outfits. I love that denim tops are popping back up in stores! They're not as bulky as a denim jacket and light enough to layer.

Missoni for Target sweater.

Missoni for Target top.I've been really into suspenders lately. It's my accessory of choice.

I've been really into suspenders lately. It's my accessory of choice.

HEY! The new Mates of State album dropped, and it’s lovely as always. It’s been a long wait since they released a new record. I’ve got my tickets to see them in November here in Tulsa with the Generationals. I just saw the Cold War Kids for the third time in my life at the Cains on Tuesday and tomorrow I get to see what craziness Katy Perry will bring to this sleepy city I call home. I can’t stop the rock. It’s like Lollapalooza never ended?! 😀

Holy cow. I love Missoni and the teaser for Spring/Summer 2011 video just gets me pumped up to put on my tribal garb.

I found the Nylon Magazine app for my Iphone and am in love with the ease of access on it. I feel so popular having Nylon’s informative fashion advice at my fingertips!

My pretty princess Belle had to join me in my photoshoot. She kinda steals the show…

I am wearing a super fun dress from H&M I acquired in New York City. The best thing of all, is the precious daisy pattern and the pockets it has! I am little too obsessed with my oxford styled Keds sneakers. They are awfully comfortable for a flat footed shoe–but surprisingly enough they have shock absorbing powers like no other. I have this aspiration to be a Keds model to get free Keds products. I think they’re too much fun–even if old ladies wear them. Old ladies are cool too. I’ve been on a knee-high sock frenzy lately. I chose the worst time to want to wear knee-highs with the muggy and scorching hot temperatures but It’s hard to sacrifice a fashionable vision due to weather! It is art and the world is my canvas.

Oh my gosh. This is rather belated, yes?

My camera finally has a working cable thanks to the merriment of

I recently snagged my ticket for Lollapalooza 2011. That will be the true highlight of my summer. It’ll be a crazy fun five days of driving, music, dancing, and complete sensational euphoria thanks to the talented bands I will have the honor to witness. I need to pick out my outfits for the festival in sunny Grant Park, Chicago!

I’ve never been to Chicago. This will be exciting. 🙂

Smith Westerns will be playing! Oh my heart is aching with anticipation!!

So in today’s outfit, I am wearing a one of a kind top. My super groovy friend Lynn who studies fibers at KCAI made me the shirt! On it, she has skillfully placed screen printed images of her favorite things on it! She also dyed the shirt. I am jealous of her talent, but grateful I can sport her artwork around Tulsa town and brag on how talented my friend is!

I went overboard at Ulta the other day and bought a ton of liquid glitter eyeliner…$40 worth of glitter eyeliner. I should be Ke$ha’s cousin I think? Along with the copious amounts of glitter I obtained, I snagged a silver and NEON GREEN liquid eyeliner. I feel like I need to attend a rave with my blinged out eye fetish. Oh the phases we go through in life…

So I dug out this pair of old creme booties I thrifted. The vest in vintage Gap I thrifted as well. The shorts are from Forever 21. But back to the booties–despite their narrowness, they are the coolest little booties to pair with a sundress or shorts! I have never seen any similar in department stores or boutiques. They are those type of shoes that hold a certain amount of rare value to them that you treasure them even more! On the topic of shoes, I just ordered a pair of brown suede oxfords from Urban Outfitter (my vice!). I can’t wait to show them on here with a new outfit.

Oh hey, here is new song of mine!

Okay so I was hanging out on Cherry Street recently and I sorta fell in love with this boutique and local business! It is called the Soda Shoppe. They had some great men’s graphic tee’s and cute women’s tees as well! They also had a surprisingly eclectic mix of skirts and dresses–and were decently priced as well! Come check out this little secret! The Soda Shoppe

I have been overwhelmed by the demands of work lately as well as having a defective camera cable AND a crashed laptop this  past week and have been unable to post–but I decided to show how I mixed up pieces from previous outfits on here and made them look completely new!

A few weeks back  I decided to jump on the bandwagon and get one of the oh so popular feather extensions. The first trial was unsuccessful. I cam home to find my skinny little silky feathers falling to the ground. I was rather miffed at this point that I paid so much to look like a bird and hair lost it’s flight…so, the next day I had to get them placed back into my hair–and they have yet to fail me since! (knock on wood). Surprisingly, they attached the extension via a keratin bond versus the metal clamps I’ve seen other stylist use for extensions.

My boyfriend got me a lovely and unique little monster bikini for my birthday for the “little monster” within me. I’m still on a Lady GaGa high. I’ve been reading her biography and adoring her newly released tunes, “Judas” and “The Edge of Glory”.

I’ve been really into “creature” jewelry. I like the idea of having an object or animal around my neck versus jewels. I have a gorgeous cameo necklace in red with a T-Rex popping out to say hello! I also have wore my hipster skull necklace. It is an ivory skull head with gems for eyes and silver spectacles! My barrel of monkeys necklace has received the most compliments as of lately. All of these treasures have been procured from Hot Topic.

I have had this song by Architecture in Helsinki on loop all morning. It has such a catchy and enjoyable beat. You can’t help but let your toes do some wiggling and your head do some swaying when you hear it!

It’s been awhile since my last post. I’ve been occupied lately and my camera cable is the most disagreeable piece of technology. I have been too lazy to buy a replacement yet, so uploading photos can be a real pain and take almost an hour for my computer to recognize this defective cable of disappointment.

The weather has been perfect for some springtime outfits! I am wearing a heavy loaded Maurice’s outfit today due to my preparedness for work this evening! The top and skirt are both from Maurice’s as well as my new pair of gladiators! I had to purchase some sandals to show off my newly pedicured toes. I got my first pedicure with a friend on Friday. Let me tell all those sensitive and ticklish footed people out there–it is quite a task to not kick the nail stylist in the face while the scrub and pick at your toes! haha.  They ended up looking cute and now I am less self conscious about my ugly, misshapen, finger shaped toes. Okay, maybe I’m still a little self conscious–but hopefully everyone will be distracted by the cute little flower on my toe instead of their ugliness in general!

Check out these new Sally Hansen salon nails!!! I’ve been saving them to go with my whimsical spring outfits and my birthday week! Here’s a tip about them–unfortunately, once you open the package, you can’t preserve the excess and a reuse it. You’d think for ten bucks you could, but I tried to recycle what I didn’t use of my last kit and they would not stick!

My birthday is tomorrow! 20 is a such a magical year…

Lady GaGa is my role model. She is the raw essence of amazement, I saw her Monday night at the BOK center here in Tulsa. It was by far the best live shows I have seen in my entire existence. She is so inspirational, creative and a true visionary. I have never seen a superstar be so loving and caring as well as appreciative of her fans. You can tell that she wants to give back to them as much as possible because of the support we have given her. I enjoyed how the entirety of the Monster Ball was a theatrical tale. There were so many element to take in–I enjoyed the transitional images she projected on the white screen between set changes. It was almost like a trippy-psychedelic media form of modern art before my eyes. She was truly a thrill to watch. Not to mention her outfits!!  She sported a leather bra and panties for songs such a “Telephone”, a plastic nurse outfit with “X” shaped tape over her breasts during “LoveGame”, a full feathered get-up for “Monster”, and many more. My all time favorite of the night was the jagged “moon-rockesque” silver outfit for “Bad Romance”.

I didn’t have time to create an imitation of one of her outfits, but I still tried to channel my inner GaGa and came up with a little rockstar piece. I was a featured “Monster” on the Virgin Mobile Monster Ball webpage at least!


GaGa look alike!?

Some great costumes!

I purchased “The Rise and Rise of Lady GaGa” by Maureen Callahan. I am truly inspired by her stardom and her journey to get there. I just finished the prologue as of last night, but I am eagerly waiting to dive into the story of her over night success.

I don’t think people give her enough credit for her art. She is an artist in every sense of the word–from her performance art, her music, her fashion, her choreography. The message she is conveying is relevant to her beliefs and her life. I admire her greatly for her bravery to be able to do that as well as reach out to millions and inspire them to be who they were born to be.

“Stop feeding me bullshit, tell me the truth”-Lady GaGa 2009