I’ve noticed I am always drawn to the most disrespected and wild women of fame. I admire the craziness of Lady Gaga, the pure grungey essence of Courtney Love and the drunken untamed spirit of Amy Winehouse. They have a style of their own–being crazy is one of them, but aren’t we all a little crazy? I like to think so. 🙂

Today’s outfit was meant to be crazy,wild and full of rockstar qualities. I was trying to take a little inspiration from the wonderful wardrobe of Effy Stonem in Skins. I adore the grey combat boots. I’ve been wearing them too much lately! They add a hint of “bad-ass” to my outifts. They were a feature item from Maurice’s during the winter season. We sold out of these very quickly! I’ve seen combat boots pop up in ads and department stores lately. Perhaps the era of grunge and the 1990’s world of Dr.Martens and Lugz are returning!! I always find myself drifting towards the oversized, disheveled apparel of the 90’s. One of my favorite eras. The dress is simple and whimsical. There is embroidery just around the neckline to add a hint of sophistication. I just found it on sale at Target last night. My mother surprised me with these psychedelic leopard tights from Target as well. The oversized knit cardigan is thrifted. I’ve worn it so much..some of the buttons are dangling and hanging on for dear life!!

The other day on the radio they were having a contest for someone to call in and state the absolute worst invention of the 1990’s. I tried to call in because I knew what it was…..it had to be this little abomination to mankind….

If you want to debate the worst invention of the 1990’s, please feel free to comment!