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It’s not easy being green-and black! The color palette I chose today reminds me of those shiny black and green beatles. There are flecks of shimmer on my black top that remind of those shiny insects. I had to flaunt my favorite shoes ever-special anniversary Reebok sneakers from Urban Outfitters in line green. They are by far the comfiest shoes I own, not to mention the snazziest! Today is the kinda day where it would be ideal to stay in bed snuggled under the covers listening to the rain. Thus, Bon Iver is the soundtrack of my day!! Tomorrow is the Naked and Famous show in Tulsa at the Cains! It’ll be my third time to see New Zealand’s finest indie rock band!








Did anyone else catch Lady GaGa’s premiere of “Marry the Night” and had their mind completely blown away? I’m pretty sure I’d give anything to live her life! What an amazing woman. She is my idol.
So, today is cold and they just forecasted SNOW for Tulsa in the coming week. This makes Callie unhappy…in order to beat the chill, I need to wear a tacky sweatshirt from my tacky sweatshirt collection! I thrifted this humdinger from the lil boys department from Community Thrift near Admiral. It has a retro Tom and Jerry graphic on the chest. I didn’t want to be boring and wear jeans with it so I paired it with some leggings and floral shorts. The extra chunky sweater was my wonderful Black Friday find from Old Navy for the low low price of $15! Any cardigan is a steal at that price! And it’s as soft as a baby’s bum!





Happy December! 24 days until Christmas! But I’m more thrilled for the gift of a new year! Today I am sporting corduroys. I picked up a pair of burgundy cords at work last night because I’ve been inspired by how cute they look in the recent Urban Outfitters catalogs. My only qualm with them is that they are super loose-which is a plus for comfort but it doesn’t quite hug my “assets” how I’d like, but I have a pair of cords now. Maybe I’ll shrink ’em up in the dryer! I have on a graphic tee from Urban from the Blood is the New Black collection. I love oversized Rees and how readily they are available in stores this season versus attacking every tee I have with the scissors to get that slouchy look-even though I’ve massacred a few tees already! ­čśŤ




So I am doing a terrible job keeping up with this blogging business-so in an attempt to inspire myself, I am going to post an outfit a day! My closet is over flowing and yearning to be seen by more than my customers at work and the not so fashion savvy students in the business school. Winter has reared it’s ugly head in Tulsa, Oklahoma which for me it means I must layer and winterized everything or else my body will be on the verge of contracting hypothermia. (shiver). I’ve never been a fan of cold weather-yes, snow can be pretty when it falls but the ugly, gritty, blackened slush is not my idea of fun! But what is fun, is creating fun, thick, unconventional layers. The more layers, the more possibilities! So all you cold natured critters, get on those layers!!



Ah, Local Natives are warming my soul these days. The mellifluous voices and melodies are charming to say the least. I saw them at Lollapalooza this summer and was inspire by their stage┬áchemistry. I’d see them again in a heart beat!

So today I sported a leopard body con skirt from Target, and I layered the heck over a floral printed top from Maurice’s. Riding boots were a must for this ensemble. I am really into taking unconventional patterns such as florals and animal prints and mixing them to get something feminine and edgy. ┬áI’ve been on an animal print binge lately…ever since I’ve “misplaced” my tattered leopard shorts from Tripp NYC I’ve been filling a void until I uncover their whereabouts.