Good day world! These dreary Tulsa days really know how to work you into a fall fashion mood. Technically, I suppose we all should have been in a fall fashion mood in the Spring? New York was full of Spring fashion recently for fashion week!

Corduroys–can they be cute? Yes or no. The last pair I ever owned was when I dressed like it was Halloween everyday in high school. I had a royal purple pair. I might have only wore the bad boys once or twice, because they began feeling too heavy and soft and awkward (the pressing issue with corduroys) on my wee legs.  At work we got in a pair of retro brownish-yellow cords and I decided to make them look somewhat attractive. I was in the mood to dress mannequins with an edge for fall last night at work. I’ll share them with you! I was awfully proud of what I created–and yes, all the fashions are available at Maurice’s this season!!! On another note–I always believed JcPenny never ran out of corduroy pants. That is the one store I have ever seen the velvety soft pants in stock. I need to run over there this season to see if my hypothesis is true! Penny’s sells the most cords?!

Cords! I dressed this one with a cozy fall theme.

This is my favorite I dressed!! The fedora really completes the look. Too bad the mannequin is headless to get the full effect....

I was trying to go for a more urban look. I'm kinda crazy about bomber vests, but I feel like they make my body too bulky. My manni wears it well.

The new Mates of State album is sweetly awesome and fun and lighthearted and my good friend Baylea is coming to see them with me in November–I dedicate this post to my favorite boss in the whole wide world, Baylea Smith! (because she told me she missed my blog posts)

I love Tavi. Her blog is inspiring and everyone should check it out! I’d love to meet this talented girl someday. Or just be her best friend, whatever. TheStyleRookie Her lip synching is precious….but don’t get me started on my tirade on how I detest the blonde and fragile Taylor Swift.

I’d rather take Brody Dalle any day…god love that woman! mmm.