Hey! I’m back! And it’s been quite delayed. Seeing as how I missed out on talking about Fashion week which was only several weeks back?! I should’ve been in New York City basking in the decadence and the art of fashion but instead I’ve been battling the world’s worst sinus infection and studying the world’s most boring material for college. Parson’s, want to take me in and pay for my tuition?! I promise I’ll be famous! 🙂

Anyway, Kreayshawn is wrong. Basic bitches do not wear, Gucci, Louis, Fendi or Prada. Rich bitches do. I kinda want a Louis Vuitton bag? I haven’t decided yet. I’ve never been gung-ho about the “LV” on everything, but something about it has class.

Marc Jacobs spring-line is amazing by the way. Is there anything that man can’t do? I have a yearning desire to follow him around all day just to see how his mind works because his fashions are absolutely timeless–and that my friend is important to last in fashion!

Now, I have a confession. I spent $200 on Missoni for Target products. It sold out so fast, they had to start taking down the displays. It was a mad rush. I am thrilled that the line launch had such a massive success because it allows me to dream of the possible designers Target will team up with to make an affordable line for poor college students as myself! I’d die if Marc Jacobs did a line with Target! I can see his aesthetic really mixing well with the Target shopper demographic. Target needs to hire me as their creative fashion director. I’ll get stuff done. Pinky promise!!  I’d also like to see maybe Miu Miu for Target? Mulberry? Ana Sui?  Oh my lord or Alexander McQueen for Target?!?!? Bless his soul. He was a genius.

I was able to procure 3 Missoni tops, a pair of suede Missoni pumps, three pairs of Missoni socks and a comfy Missoni t-shirt style bra.

Missoni sweater!+Missoni Socks!+New suede booties!

So sometimes I feel like I should have been born a Germanotta. Lady GaGa’s sister, Natali was featured in the most recent issue of Teen Vogue magazine. They highlighted her unique skills in fashion as a design student at Parson’s NYC. It was a refreshing article–and believe it or not she has some conventional everyday taste in fashion that could be more marketable than her older sister’s more bizarre works of art she adorns herself with on stage. I am envious of this family’s talent.

Missoni pumps!

Despite being ill the past few weeks, I tried to create some cool outfits. I love that denim tops are popping back up in stores! They're not as bulky as a denim jacket and light enough to layer.

Missoni for Target sweater.

Missoni for Target top.I've been really into suspenders lately. It's my accessory of choice.

I've been really into suspenders lately. It's my accessory of choice.

HEY! The new Mates of State album dropped, and it’s lovely as always. It’s been a long wait since they released a new record. I’ve got my tickets to see them in November here in Tulsa with the Generationals. I just saw the Cold War Kids for the third time in my life at the Cains on Tuesday and tomorrow I get to see what craziness Katy Perry will bring to this sleepy city I call home. I can’t stop the rock. It’s like Lollapalooza never ended?! 😀