Holy cow. I love Missoni and the teaser for Spring/Summer 2011 video just gets me pumped up to put on my tribal garb.

I found the Nylon Magazine app for my Iphone and am in love with the ease of access on it. I feel so popular having Nylon’s informative fashion advice at my fingertips!

My pretty princess Belle had to join me in my photoshoot. She kinda steals the show…

I am wearing a super fun dress from H&M I acquired in New York City. The best thing of all, is the precious daisy pattern and the pockets it has! I am little too obsessed with my oxford styled Keds sneakers. They are awfully comfortable for a flat footed shoe–but surprisingly enough they have shock absorbing powers like no other. I have this aspiration to be a Keds model to get free Keds products. I think they’re too much fun–even if old ladies wear them. Old ladies are cool too. I’ve been on a knee-high sock frenzy lately. I chose the worst time to want to wear knee-highs with the muggy and scorching hot temperatures but It’s hard to sacrifice a fashionable vision due to weather! It is art and the world is my canvas.