Oh my gosh. This is rather belated, yes?

My camera finally has a working cable thanks to the merriment of amazon.com.

I recently snagged my ticket for Lollapalooza 2011. That will be the true highlight of my summer. It’ll be a crazy fun five days of driving, music, dancing, and complete sensational euphoria thanks to the talented bands I will have the honor to witness. I need to pick out my outfits for the festival in sunny Grant Park, Chicago!

I’ve never been to Chicago. This will be exciting. 🙂

Smith Westerns will be playing! Oh my heart is aching with anticipation!!

So in today’s outfit, I am wearing a one of a kind top. My super groovy friend Lynn who studies fibers at KCAI made me the shirt! On it, she has skillfully placed screen printed images of her favorite things on it! She also dyed the shirt. I am jealous of her talent, but grateful I can sport her artwork around Tulsa town and brag on how talented my friend is!

I went overboard at Ulta the other day and bought a ton of liquid glitter eyeliner…$40 worth of glitter eyeliner. I should be Ke$ha’s cousin I think? Along with the copious amounts of glitter I obtained, I snagged a silver and NEON GREEN liquid eyeliner. I feel like I need to attend a rave with my blinged out eye fetish. Oh the phases we go through in life…

So I dug out this pair of old creme booties I thrifted. The vest in vintage Gap I thrifted as well. The shorts are from Forever 21. But back to the booties–despite their narrowness, they are the coolest little booties to pair with a sundress or shorts! I have never seen any similar in department stores or boutiques. They are those type of shoes that hold a certain amount of rare value to them that you treasure them even more! On the topic of shoes, I just ordered a pair of brown suede oxfords from Urban Outfitter (my vice!). I can’t wait to show them on here with a new outfit.

Oh hey, here is new song of mine!

Okay so I was hanging out on Cherry Street recently and I sorta fell in love with this boutique and local business! It is called the Soda Shoppe. They had some great men’s graphic tee’s and cute women’s tees as well! They also had a surprisingly eclectic mix of skirts and dresses–and were decently priced as well! Come check out this little secret! The Soda Shoppe