I have been overwhelmed by the demands of work lately as well as having a defective camera cable AND a crashed laptop this  past week and have been unable to post–but I decided to show how I mixed up pieces from previous outfits on here and made them look completely new!

A few weeks back  I decided to jump on the bandwagon and get one of the oh so popular feather extensions. The first trial was unsuccessful. I cam home to find my skinny little silky feathers falling to the ground. I was rather miffed at this point that I paid so much to look like a bird and hair lost it’s flight…so, the next day I had to get them placed back into my hair–and they have yet to fail me since! (knock on wood). Surprisingly, they attached the extension via a keratin bond versus the metal clamps I’ve seen other stylist use for extensions.

My boyfriend got me a lovely and unique little monster bikini for my birthday for the “little monster” within me. I’m still on a Lady GaGa high. I’ve been reading her biography and adoring her newly released tunes, “Judas” and “The Edge of Glory”.

I’ve been really into “creature” jewelry. I like the idea of having an object or animal around my neck versus jewels. I have a gorgeous cameo necklace in red with a T-Rex popping out to say hello! I also have wore my hipster skull necklace. It is an ivory skull head with gems for eyes and silver spectacles! My barrel of monkeys necklace has received the most compliments as of lately. All of these treasures have been procured from Hot Topic.