I have had this song by Architecture in Helsinki on loop all morning. It has such a catchy and enjoyable beat. You can’t help but let your toes do some wiggling and your head do some swaying when you hear it!

It’s been awhile since my last post. I’ve been occupied lately and my camera cable is the most disagreeable piece of technology. I have been too lazy to buy a replacement yet, so uploading photos can be a real pain and take almost an hour for my computer to recognize this defective cable of disappointment.

The weather has been perfect for some springtime outfits! I am wearing a heavy loaded Maurice’s outfit today due to my preparedness for work this evening! The top and skirt are both from Maurice’s as well as my new pair of gladiators! I had to purchase some sandals to show off my newly pedicured toes. I got my first pedicure with a friend on Friday. Let me tell all those sensitive and ticklish footed people out there–it is quite a task to not kick the nail stylist in the face while the scrub and pick at your toes! haha.  They ended up looking cute and now I am less self conscious about my ugly, misshapen, finger shaped toes. Okay, maybe I’m still a little self conscious–but hopefully everyone will be distracted by the cute little flower on my toe instead of their ugliness in general!

Check out these new Sally Hansen salon nails!!! I’ve been saving them to go with my whimsical spring outfits and my birthday week! Here’s a tip about them–unfortunately, once you open the package, you can’t preserve the excess and a reuse it. You’d think for ten bucks you could, but I tried to recycle what I didn’t use of my last kit and they would not stick!

My birthday is tomorrow! 20 is a such a magical year…