Lady GaGa is my role model. She is the raw essence of amazement, I saw her Monday night at the BOK center here in Tulsa. It was by far the best live shows I have seen in my entire existence. She is so inspirational, creative and a true visionary. I have never seen a superstar be so loving and caring as well as appreciative of her fans. You can tell that she wants to give back to them as much as possible because of the support we have given her. I enjoyed how the entirety of the Monster Ball was a theatrical tale. There were so many element to take in–I enjoyed the transitional images she projected on the white screen between set changes. It was almost like a trippy-psychedelic media form of modern art before my eyes. She was truly a thrill to watch. Not to mention her outfits!!  She sported a leather bra and panties for songs such a “Telephone”, a plastic nurse outfit with “X” shaped tape over her breasts during “LoveGame”, a full feathered get-up for “Monster”, and many more. My all time favorite of the night was the jagged “moon-rockesque” silver outfit for “Bad Romance”.

I didn’t have time to create an imitation of one of her outfits, but I still tried to channel my inner GaGa and came up with a little rockstar piece. I was a featured “Monster” on the Virgin Mobile Monster Ball webpage at least!


GaGa look alike!?

Some great costumes!

I purchased “The Rise and Rise of Lady GaGa” by Maureen Callahan. I am truly inspired by her stardom and her journey to get there. I just finished the prologue as of last night, but I am eagerly waiting to dive into the story of her over night success.

I don’t think people give her enough credit for her art. She is an artist in every sense of the word–from her performance art, her music, her fashion, her choreography. The message she is conveying is relevant to her beliefs and her life. I admire her greatly for her bravery to be able to do that as well as reach out to millions and inspire them to be who they were born to be.

“Stop feeding me bullshit, tell me the truth”-Lady GaGa 2009