I’m really into the Elected’s new tunes coming out! The album drops in May. I highly recommended it. It’s got that perfect simplistic summer-time vibe to it.

I’m all dressed up today because my boyfriend is taking me to the theater to see “Avenue Q”. I am aware of the premise of the musical, but I am not familiar with the music. It won multiple awards, so I’m expecting it to thrill! I’m eagerly awaiting the thrill of seeing Lady GaGa in two days as well! I will definitely post my outfit for the concert on here for all the little monsters of the world!

I’m wearing a Forever 21 dress I bought two years ago? I only wore it one time, which was to my boyfriends homecoming dance in high school. I thought I lost the dress for the longest time, but alas, I found it hiding from me in my mother’s car trunk. It was like getting a new dress all over again.  I paired it with some super silky purple leggings from Target and a lacey polo underneath (compliments from my friend Brittany). I never wear shoes that add height, and I figured it was a dressing up occasion, which had me digging out these platform sandals I got at Payless when I was a sophomore. Thank goodness my feet haven’t change sizes since then!!

I’ve recently taken part in the phenomena known as new comic Wednesday. Yes, I have been purchasing a comic every Wednesday for the past two weeks now. No, there are not any villains or superheroes in it. Just a lot of big city drama. I have been reading “The New York Five” by Brian Wood and Ryan Kelly. It is about a group of girls going to school at NYU and they all have some sort of dramatic detail in their life. There is a lot of fashion “name dropping” in the comics. The art work is spectacular and stylized just like I like it! Not to mention, one of the characters sister’s has a band that opened for Vampire Weekend. That is just awesome.

Check it out!