I’ve been on a grunge/punk music binge lately. Nirvana were geniuses. I wish Kurt Cobain was still alive, just to see where they would be today with their musical journey.  This is my favorite music video of theirs. I feel like this concept is used a lot in music videos lately–the idea of being on “Hee-Haw” or “Ed Sullivan”, or some sort of old specialty show that had live music acts. It makes me wonder, what shows, such as Conan, will be like when I look back on it in my 50’s of 60’s?

Since I have the burning admiration for Nirvana in my hear today, I channeled my inner grunge look for the day–by wearing my oversized Nirvana shirt. Sorry, I wasn’t digging flannel today. I always feel the urge to wear blacks and greys on gloomy days such as today.

I stumbled upon Dan Witz’s art the other day. I really like the lonely essence his pieces express. I’d like to share them with you his modern scenarios and making it art. He uses oil as his medium. I think it really helps with play of light he tends to love so much as seen in his work. If you have a chance, look up his mosh pit paintings. It’s stunning how he captures every movement and disgruntled face in the crowd and alsogives each face their own characteristics. It’s very photo realistic.