This is a little number I put together.  I am really taking high-waisted to a whole new level here–really high. These shorts are so comfortable. They have tiny little orange and yellow flowers on them. I thrifted them but they were originally vintage shorts from Harold’s. I thought to myself, “what would go great with some retro shorts? A little boys spider-man tee from Old Navy of course!” Mary Jane would be proud…or angry because I’m wearing her boyfriend on my chest.  I actually did not end up wearing the brown boots with the outfit. I wore some blue suede shoes (no joke!) instead, for comfort’s sake. I love high-waisted bottoms. It is hard to find them in stores, but easily thrifted because of their prevalence in the “olden days”. Urban Outfitters has the best selection of high waisted trousers which appeal to me. Here in May i’ll be visiting New York City, and I am eagerly awaiting the day I get to go to H&M and Urban on 5th Avenue.

This is my “hey look I kinda can be professional” outfit. My friend Brittany gave me a white sweater vest from Maurice’s (I love me some sweater vest!) and I put that on over a collared blouse and since the weather is being less than agreeable for the spring, I had to top it off with the sunshine yellow blazer I thrifted from good old Salvation Army on Brookside. I am wearing a pair of Silver designer brand jeans. This is my first pair of Silver’s that I own, and I must say, I like the fit even better than True Religion jeans. Plus, the price is much better than True Religion. I added some colorful jewelry and put little braids in my hair because I felt like I needed a flashback to my childhood in the 1990’s. This yearning to bring back unusual hair and the need to wear bright colors came to me while watching “Overnight Delivery” on Lifetime last night. You know, the 1998 film with Paul Rudd (SUPER HOT IN THE 90’s…and young haha) Reese Witherspoon and Sarah Silverman. Her style is precious and I want to imitate it so badly, but I have this gut feeling that the 90’s trends won’t come back for awhile now…*sigh*

And now, I have to share the Replacement’s “Bastards of Young” because it has been stuck in my head forever. Enjoy!