I finally look somewhat acceptable wearing bold and garish bright colors–for now I fit in with the colors of Spring! Spring is by far my favorite season! Warm days and cool nights, plenty of good weather to wear skirts, dresses, shorts and still be able to layer a bit without breaking into a sweat.  This past week was spring break. It went by too fast, and as I struggle to get around this Monday morning, I feel ill with the desire to not do anything and just simply bask in the sunshine! My boyfriend disagrees with me and strongly believes that no matter how unmotivated I might feel, It is impossible for my body to let me not be busy with school work as well as having the ability to not make anything less than an A+ in all my courses…I guess this is a true test!

I found an incredible online boutique. I am in love with just about everything on there–however a particularly innovative pair of shoes really grabbed my attention. I will be adding them to my must have list of spring fashion essentials. The shop is called, “Ruche” (click to discovery it’s majestic selection of vintage inspired fashion!)  I found this pair of tangerine colored “rain-loafers” on Ruche.  I simply need to have them. And the price is not too ridiculous at all!

April Showers!

And here is an outfit with an ode to spring….

My sweet pup, Belle decided she needed a moment in the spotlight today! 🙂 I am wearing a dress I got at JcPenny’s. I am very pleased with the price and quality of their clothes. I love that they are following in the steps of Target by adding designer lines to their collections! The I<3 Ronson by Charlotte Ronson collection is the best! I have several great pieces from her line. The Ronson’s truly are a power family. What with Mark Ronson and his music, Charlotte and her clothes and of course Samantha and her own music career.  I adore them. I broke out my striped Maurice’s top from this season! I cannot stop loving stripes…oh I am trying to bring back brooches. I am wearing a few vintage ones on my thrifted brown vest. More to come on that issue…and my brown riding boots are also thrifted!


Okay, so, after weeks of every Ulta in Tulsa being sold out of Katy Perry’s OPI “shattered” nail polish, I finally got my paws on a bottle yesterday and I am quite pleased with the results!!