My love for the maxi dress remains. How I accumulated all these floor length dresses–I have no clue. I actually wore this dress to my boyfriend’s prom his senior year of high school (while I was a freshman in college). I never was one for dressing up in Cinderella gowns to school dances. I typically thrifted all my school dance dresses. This dress I bought last spring at Maurice’s.  I have a baggy polyester-silk blend gold and cream striped top I found at the thrift store. It originally had shoulder pads which I cut out. I don’t see the big broad shoulder look coming back. If you want to make your waist look smaller, just dress right! Or, invest in those tummy flattening under garments. Whatever you do, please don’t wear shoulder pads. Unless you were raised in the 80’s and you need the look to match your pop-canned curled bangs.  I am wearing my all time favorite olive green cardigan I bought at H&M in Las Vegas. I am constantly pining for H&M to come to Tulsa…or at least allow us to shop online!


So, I stumbled across an artist who inspires me with her imagination. The imagination is amazing. I cannot fathom what a boring wold we would live in without the innovations the human brain can muster up.  This artist is a “Trompe L’oeil” artist. She actually takes human subjects and paints on them. The illusion she creates is baffling and intense.  Visit her site to see the masterpieces she has created, click here!

I wanted to share some of her creativity…


Kate Moss. We need a Top Shop in America. Now. Please. I’m addicted to the website, and my body aches with the pain of not being within close proximity to a Top Shop.  She has several maxi dresses on her online store I adore.