Does anyone remember this School Hose Rock jam? It was stuck in my head this week. I was really getting into my pronouns I guess. ha! I love the guy who sings the songs. He sounds like a friendly old grandpa. I think we’d get along.

It has been awhile since I posted since I’ve been overwhelmed with college midterms and a near thirty hour work week. Today is my much anticipated day off, and I found time to share my outfit with you!!

I have an obsession with maxi dresses this season. I wore one earlier this week with a top over it to emphasize the layered look I am oh too fond of. I did the same thing today but with a different dress. This maxi dress is from Maurice’s. The bright colors bring out the best of this lovely spring Friday! I am wearing a vintage thrifted tee and a thrifted over sized cardgian. The tee is super soft and one of my all time favorite finds. On lazy days, I typically wear the shirt with a pair of leggings. I am letting my hair grow out FINALLY. After spending much of my existence styling and taming my short bob-like hair I decided I needed to grow out my locks in time for summer (ironic?).  I was able to pull it back into a tiniest of ponytails. I read an article once that claimed when you pull your hair back, the hair grows faster because you’re stretching out the follicles? Could someone please verify that. It sounds most absurd.

I have a collection of gnomes. They are the cutest, cheeriest little creatures ever. Well last night, I had a terrifying dream about a little gnome minion out to kill. He was a blood thirsty little fellow out for a vengeance. Perhaps he was out to get me for holding his cousins and kin captive upon my desk. Why does everything I love pop up in my nightmares?!  Haha, I’d like to share my collection with you. They have yet to attack me, luckily. I am always looking for more gnomes. If anyone has suggestions of where they have seen some stinkin cute ones, you better let me know! I will not take on the bloodthirsty kind or dwarves (dwarves are apparently a gnomes arch nemsis).

This little guy is the cutest. He is a plush gnome backpack my boyfriend picked up for me from Hot Topic (his employer). His name is “No-Nose-Ned”. This poor little guy has no nose, thus he can’t smell.  His olfactory sense is ka-put. I think I should start an organization to get him a nose. NO DONATION IS TOO SMALL!!! haha (just kidding). I think he looks very much like the naughty gnomes on Cartoon Networks, “Adventure Time”.