This morning it took a lot of pep talking and motivation to get myself ready to tackle the abomination that is:my closet. I am a clothes horse, it is true. I found myself aching with the many pains of sacrificing my style to the articles I told myself  I had to get rid of. I only filled 2 small bags to donate to the Salvation Army of and one bag full of my cutest items to go to a good friend of mine–there I know they will be put to good use and used towards good outfits since her taste is quite similar to my own!  I do not know how I accumulated such a mountainous mass of clothes. I have many articles I’ve only wore once or twice in my closet!! I sighed and noticed that there are not even enough days in a year to wear all of these clothes. I was considering starting a business where I’d rent out my clothes therefore they all get their fair share of being worn…BUT, I am just too greedy with my clothes, and I can’t see myself being so generous. haha. Just kidding!!

I would like for some to create a shrink ray gun to make everything fit. I have hangers bursting out of their place in line due to the overcrowded conditions of my hanging rack. I have lids popping like pants buttons after Thanksgiving dinner on my Rubbermaid tubs. This organization I have achieve will only last me about two weeks at the most…and that would be a record for myself. I need to notify everything to help me kick my shopping addiction and do not send clothes, gift cards or anything that encourages me to shove more into this sad, tiny, satiated closet of mine.  It has reached it’s breaking point, and I must do my duty to break in all of these lovely pieces of clothing.