I love the style and vibe from the newly released Strokes music video! Then again, I love just about everything this band produces. I thought it would be appropriate to start off this post with their lovely faces. I adore Julian Casablancas so much. He’s got a sexy raw edge, but this video, he can also keep it classy as heck.

I wanted to keep things fun, and simple today. I wanted to give my Peter Jensen for Urban Outfitters skirt another go! I sometimes feel like I’m mixing too much farm-girl with city girl. But I felt like it worked today. I needed to give my boot frenzy a rest because this awfully warm weather didn’t call for their assistance. Instead I am sporting one of the most comfortable pair of shoes I own–my Toms! They were a Christmas gift from my oh-so-trendy boyfriend. I have been eagerly anticipating some nice spring weather to really bust them out. They are a perfect spring/summer sneaker because of the cute and light pastel plaid that covers them. The cardigan was thrifted but is originally from the Gap. I am wearing my favorite concert tee! It was from the time I got to see Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins in 2008 at Tulsa’s historic Cain’s Ballroom. I look to miss Jenny Lewis for inspiration, she sorta helped me put together this outfit. I was picking up on her soft, delicate, folksy-spirit. So, here’s a mood board for my love, Jenny Lewis!

And now….I am missing Rilo Kiley. I want to see them make another album. The Strokes are doing it!?! More reason for Rilo Kiley to!!!