‘ello! I hope everyone had a loveable Valentine’s day and a GRAND GRAMMY’S night! I was slightly disappointed in GaGa’s get-up for the night. It still was strange, what with the prosthetic horns and all, but I was really hoping for GaGa to go over the top…maybe for the VMA’s she will?  I will admit, I thought Diana Agron looked absolutely stunning in her outfit.  The Vivianne Westwood dress fitted her shape exceptionally and she looked sexy with her smoldering and smokey eyes. At first glance I did not even recognize the ‘Glee’ star.

I did not care for Rihanna sporting a Jean-Paul Gaultier gown. Not my favorite of the night, and to be honest, I loved Katy Perry and her family dressed in Armani. Katy always looks top notch. Perhaps the angel wings were a bit too theatric, but it worked for her! So glad she got to go home with her “grammy” still! 😉

MARDY BUM!!!! Today’s outfit is a display of my wonderful thrifty finds! I am wearing a vintage pair of Gap shorts I found for the low price of 99 cents at Quality Thrift in Tulsa. They hit right above the knee. The simple and classy sailor stripes really add some texture to the outfit. I paired the shorts with black tights to keep warm during these breezy February mornings.  I am wearing a concert tee I acquired when seeing the Arctic Monkeys on my birthday last year…I adore them…so let’s call this work I’m wearing, “Mardy Bum” haha! Speaking of the Arctic Monkeys…have I mentioned how much I idolize miss Alexa Chung? I might have to pay homage to her (she’s dating the front man, Alex Turner). Over the tee, I have on a burnt orange hued cardigan with a vintage thrifted knit vest. The vest has plastic gold embellished buttons and cute detailed pockets. It is a rich navy blue which contrasts well with the sailor shorts.

I want to comment real quick on the antique radio I’m leaning against in the first image. This gem doesn’t work anymore, but belonged to my great grandma and grandfather. I wish I could’ve heard what it sounded like. It’s a quaint piece of antique furnishing.

Here’s Miss Chung ❤ My love.

We’re watching one of my favorite films in my Art class again. “Frida” starring the fabulous Salma Hayek. Kahlo’s work is astounding and moving. She delivers her pain in such a bold and daring the manner. The bright colors reflect the rich Mexican roots of her life. I’d love to see an original work of hers someday. I don’t know how a slob like Diego Rivera was able to spend the majority of his life with an amazing woman such as Frida. Though, I’m not a communist, I still respect the woman.