It is indeed winter, yet my heart is pining for summer.

I have had enough of this life-altering snow and I am ready for hot summer sun and swimming pools! So to lift my spirits I wanted to get a head start on some bathing suits which I think deserve to be recognized in the pool or on the beach.

I can smell the salty ocean...

EXHIBIT A: This is a Marc by Marc Jacobs suit. Yes, everyone and their dog loves and appreciates the work of Marc Jacobs, so go ahead and tell me how unoriginal I am for loving his work. BUT, this piece is a shining example of playful fun at the beach wrapped into a swim suit. The bold colors are in for the season and will definitely turn heads without letting it all hang out.

EXHIBIT B: This is a lovely little number brought to you by Diane Von Furstenberg! I am very much into a “stripe” fever lately. I think they look so casual and sophisticated. I think it is about time to being back the highwaisted bikin, and this is the perfect one! It reminds me of a secret agent woman relaxing by the pool side wearing high-tech shades to detect her enemies…ha! It is a ravishing suit nonetheless.


Hands on.
back detail

EXHIBIT C: Betsey Johnson, you genius. Miss Johnson’s suit, as seen here, is flirty with just the right amount of Johnson’s style and quirk. No one will be able to take their hands off this piece…for real! I think it is to appealing the way the back of the suit uniquely ties together with the front. I also think it’s perfect how it’s feminine without looking like you’re going swimming in your bathing suit when you were five years old. This is by far a favorite of mine for the summer! (also note the little gemmed ring on the left hand. A lil glitz goes far!)

EXHIBIT D: I bet you’re thinking, “hey, I’ve seen this before!” Because you have–STAR WARS! This suit is for your inner geek, and plus, when you get it wet you will not suffer electrocution like you would expect when a robot gets wet. This R2D2 inspired suit is brought to us by Australian designer James Lillis. You’ll need a suit like this on Tatooine, especially with the multiple moons and plants screwing with the tides perhaps? Ha! I put this treasure up because I am in love with the design and the idea. It may not be sporting bold colors, but it sure stands out and is a bold bathing suit alone.

Now I have the craving for sand between my toes, sunshine and heat.

I’ll continue to pine, but now I’m a step ahead in decided what bathsuit I’ll choose this summer!!

Over and out!!