I think that Peter Bjorn and John’s upcoming album art is simple yet enchanting. I love it! I also am impressed at how these Swedish men keep reinventing themselves in the best way possible. I cannot say anything negative about any of their records.

I give it three thumbs up!

Today’s outfit: I think it would be appropriate to name today’s ensemble, “Moon Bear”.  I got the top from Urban Outfitters as well as this Peter Jensen skirt (which was an absolute steal for $4.99 online!). I thought the skirt would end up looking too country-bumpkin-esque, but it truly has a cozy fit and the navy blue contrasts well with the cream. The top is wonderfully soft and comfortable. I feel like I need a wardrobe of these guys! I am wearing Minnetonka boots. It seems boots have been a heavy rotation in my wardrobe these past few weeks thanks to the weather. I am really into wearing this long gold chain necklace. It is vintage and belonged to my aunt in the 1980’s. She gave me a bushel of gold chained necklaces–some with crosses and other embellishments on them.  She did not need to confess to me that she was a Madonna fan in the 1980’s as her choice of jewelry heavily suggested. The belt is a little wonder that I thrifted. I find the best belts at the thrift stores.


So the song “Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac came on the radio last night. That song is a masterpiece. I’ve never felt so connected to the words, to the melody and to the entire feeling of a song as much as I do towards “Landslide”. Stevie Nicks is one of my fashion inspirations as well as musical inspiration. That woman is strong, beautiful, and a hell of a rock star..over and out!