Time to finally go back to classes after snow poured down in copious amounts onto the midwest.

Today I put on a simple outfit, I call it “Blue Agent”.

I am wearing a thrifted sweater. It had shoulder pads and looked like it went with a pant suit of some sort. I’m assuming from the tag it is from the 70’s era. I couldn’t resist the round decorated gold buttons and the bright sailor blue hue. I paired it with a pair of Studio Y pants from Maurice’s as well as a striped Maurice’s top which is a new item for the spring collection there. (I will be wearing lots of Maurice’s clothes since I work there! haha) My boyfriend gave me these Ray Bans recently. It makes the blinding snow bearable!

These boots I bought in middle school from Hot Topic. I never had a chance to wear them, but with the high snow drifts, my outfit would only be complete with their addition.

So flyyyy like a G-6? Nah, Like a bird!

So, I will post more later! I am expecting a few item from Urban Outfitters in the mail today!

I am so excited that my parcel will arrive amongst the treacherous road conditions. Thank you United States Postal service for staying strong and dedicated! I love you all, that is why i shoveled a path for you to reach my mail box!

Nail art!

These new Sally Hansen Salon Nails are the best! For something you just peel,stick and shape on your nail, they hold up mighty fine! A great accesspry for any outfit! šŸ™‚

Over and out!!